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3 patti empire multiplayer


Want to play at the traditional tables of Indian Poker? Then take advantage of our 'Multiplayer' Table and enjoy battling against your opponents, that range anywhere from 2 to 6 players, with just your card skills at Skill Patti Empire and win real cash!

3 patti empire tournaments


Want to prove you are the best player at card games? At Skill Patti Empire, you can compete against the top Indian-Poker-playing professionals in multiple rounds in different kinds of matches and win big cash prizes on an everyday basis!

play and win cash

play and earn money

Skill Patti Empire, the online skill-based Teen Patti real money game, allows you to earn real cash by defeating your opponents. The transactions are always safe and secure, supported by top payment platforms such as PhonePe, GPay and any Bank transfer.

refer and earn 3 patti

refer and earn

By referring your friends and family to this skill-based 3 Patti app, you not only get the chance of sharing the joy of playing the Skill Patti card game but also earn exciting bonuses such as 2% of every deposit your referee makes!

instant withdrawl

instant withdrawls

Skill Patti Empire's instant withdrawal feature allows you to withdraw your winnings instantly to your bank account with full security and safety. In this game, you can win real cash instantly by just playing and winning at this real-money Teen Patti game table.

3 patti customer support

24/7 customer support

We, at Skill Patti Empire, provide our players with 24/7 customer support for all their queries and issues. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us in the Chat Support section of the Skill Patti Empire app or write to us at [email protected].

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About Us

about 3 patti empire

Skill Patti Empire is currently India's fastest-growing real-money skill-based Teen Patti online play game; it is the entertaining, digitalized version of the classic 3-card Teen Patti game, Indian Poker. The Skill Patti Empire gaming app provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling, fast-paced card game and compete against multiple online players from anywhere in real-time and get the chance to win thousands of real cash daily.

Skill Patti Empire is part of one of the leading gaming platforms, Empire Games, where you get the chance to enjoy various games in different genres, from card games to board games to fantasy games. It is a platform for real-money games where all the games are skill-based and require one to have a flair for gaming skills.

To know more about Empire Games, click here.

ISO Certificate

3 patti iso certified

what kind of player are you?

the emotional baba


The Emotional Baba is a player who that forgets about making a strategy for their gaming as they tend to get extremely emotionally attached to their cards and fellow players at the table, lose their focus on the game and miss making better bets to win the game.

the master mind


The Mastermind is a player who would do anything to win the game. They strategize, plan, and rethink all the bets the entire time. Every move of theirs is planned, they are always watching, observing and calculating the moves of everyone on the table to be the best and win the best.

the daredevil


The Daredevil is a player that plays more with luck than they do with skills. They are the ones that stay on the table as a blind player till the end, risking their bets on the off chance of having better cards; playing the same as others, just always playing blind.

the bluff master


The Bluff Master is a trickster player. You can never be sure if they are bluffing or not. They play with the intention of confusing, scaring and tricking the other players on the table into packing by continuously raising the bets and bluffing the others into thinking they have great cards.

the packer and mover


The Packer and Mover is the player who never stays at a table for long. They'll be in and out before you even know it; always on the lookout for a better table, for better chances. They keep leaving their tables and switching to a different one in the hopes of a better chance of winning.

the turtle


The Turtle is the player that plays with the idea of 'slow and steady wins the race'. They just keep playing as they have been since the start, keeping their consistency and steadily moving towards winning the table; they do not raise their best, do a sideshow or run around and take risks.

copy cat


The Copycat is a player that plays on the back of others. They are the quiet players yet also the most cunning. They play by hiding in the crowd, copying the table, raising when others raise, seeing their cards when others do, etc., to not be noticed or observed as they reach towards winning.

how to start in skill patti

3 patti home screen


Your Skill Patti Empire wallet contains all your game balance where you can add and withdraw money to play games using UPI apps or bank transfers.


how to play 3 patti


Learn how to play the game and the secrets to skill-up, and battle against the best of the best players to win!


3 patti tables


Play the online Skill Patti game in different modes by selecting your favourite game table, and enjoy the game.


3 patti select table


2-6 players


Play an online version of the classic game of Indian Poker and win real cash.

At this table, you get to play with multiple players, ranging from 2 to 6 players. You can join any table of your choice by putting in your preferred buy-in amount.


3 patti tournaments


Compete against the best of the best Teen Patti real-money game players from all over India on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by participating in Skill Patti Empire's online tournaments and earning huge amounts of cash prizes.

The player with the maximum points in a round goes to the next round.


3 patti game table
3 cards each


Each player is dealt 3 cards, with 2 cards face-down and 1 open. The players can decide further in the game if they want to play as a blind player (without seeing their cards) or a seen player (after seeing their cards).


one card


1 extra card is kept in the centre of the table, face-down and gets automatically opened once all players have seen their cards. It is a common card that all the players can use to make better sequences to win.


play buttons


You can choose to play any of the 3 options at your turn, according to your cards or choice. The plays that can be made are Chaal [make the same bet], Raise [increase bet], and Pack [fold your cards and leave].

3 patti amount table


The pot is the total sum of all the bets placed by the players at the table. The amount collected in the pot is not fixed, but is limited, and depends on the players' bets in that round. The player who wins the round wins the entire pot.


The pot limit is the limit till which the players can keep placing bets into the pot. In the Skill Patti Empire, cash game online, the pot limit is equal to the maximum buy-in amount of the table. Once, the table reaches the pot limit, an automatic showdown happens.

3 patti winner table


The player with the highest-scoring card sequence in a round will be the winner and will win the entire pot amount, which will be credited to their in-game wallet and can be withdrawn instantly.


winning card sequence


There are a total of 6 hand/card sequences that determine your winning chances in a round. The highest scoring of those are:

  • Trail or Set (3 cards of the same number/value)
  • Pure Sequence (Pure running cards from the same suite/symbol)

To know about more winning sequences, click here.


refer and earn screen


referr and earn 3 patti


Copy or share the 'Referral Code' with your friends and enjoy playing with them.

With each referral used to download, register and play the game, you get a commission of 2% every time your referee makes a deposit.


play smart, play responsibly

elio with 3 patti empire

Skill Patti Empire, part of the gaming platform Empire Games, is an online real-money skill-based 3 Patti card game that has been created purely for recreational purposes. Empire Games encourages all its players to engage in responsible gaming.

The reason playing responsibly is essential during gaming is that it helps create a better gaming experience for all and also improves the playing capacity of the players.

Sometimes, a player can find it hard to realize or admit that their online gaming habits are getting out of hand. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you or anyone you know seems to be having a problem with responsible gaming.

Let's go over some of the best responsible gaming practices:

  • Do not think of the games as a means of making money.
  • Play the games only for entertainment and fun.
  • Never chase after your losses.
  • Balance your online gaming time with other aspects of your life; do not ignore or lose sight of your responsibilities.
  • Set aside a budget limit for your gaming and try not to exceed it.
  • Do not play the games if you do not believe you are in the right state of mind.

To know more about the Dos and Don'ts of playing responsibly and our Responsible Gaming policy, click here.