A Guide to the Refer and Earn Program in Teen Patti: Earn While You Play


What if we tell you that you can earn more while you’re already earning and playing at the same time?

Cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Skill Patti Empire is an online card game platform where you get to earn real cash while playing the game. This skill-based 3 Patti platform comes with multiple game modes, where you can choose the mode that you like and start playing with people from different corners of India. The app also has an appealing aesthetic, giving it the perfect soothing touch to have fun while you earn. Further, apart from earning from playing the game, you can also earn by referring the game to your friends and others.

Scroll through the blog to learn more about how to refer and earn in Skill Patti Empire, so you can join our skill-based Teen Patti referral program and get earning!

Skill Patti Empire Referral Program

Skill Patti Empire is just the platform for you to play skill-based Teen Patti while earning real cash. Further, if you invite your friends and family to join the game, you get someone to share your 3 Patti gaming experiences with and also earn a lot from their gaming. This earning from others is the referral program, as you get to enjoy the sweet money for the fact that you referred the game.

How does it Work?

Let us explain, how this referral program works, and how easy it is to make money from it.

First off, as a Skill Patti Empire player, you will get a unique referral code. This referral code can be shared amongst your family and friends, whom you are inviting to play the game. This way when they sign up from your referral code, both of you get some bonuses.

Now, when you refer this online Teen Patti cash game, the moment your referral signs up, you get the chance to earn more. Whenever your referral makes a deposit in their game wallet, you get to earn a commission from that amount.


So, the more they deposit in their account, the more you get to earn in your account. It is like, a referral for one time, brings earning for multiple times, without making any effort.

How to Refer and Earn?

Now, let us explain how to refer and earn. Just follow the below-given steps to earn more and more money from Skill Patti Empire just by referring the app to your friends

  • Firstly, open the Skill Patti Empire game.
  • Now, you will see an option called “Refer and Earn”, which will be present just on the home screen.
  • Here, you will see a code, that code is your “Referral Code”.
  • Now, copy that “Referral Code” or directly click on the other option that says “Invite”, and get the referral code link.
  • After this, you will see a list of the apps, you can choose one to share the referral code with your friends.
  • So now, every time your referral code is used to sign up for the game, and your friend makes a deposit, you will receive a good commission of whatever amount they deposit in their account to play the game with.
  • Yes! That’s all. Earn a lot with your gaming and your referrals and then withdraw your winnings whenever you want to.

Tips to Refer and Earn Better

Here are a few skill-based Teen Patti strategies that can help you refer and earn better:

  • Talk about the game and what you like about the game in groups and conversations, so your friends are intrigued by it and want to participate too.
  • Share your winnings and experiences on social media along with your referral code, so anyone who wants to join can join it easily.
  • Share the benefits that one gets from signing up with a referral code rather than a normal sign-up.
  • Share some skill-based Teen Patti game tips to help them get started.


Now that you know that referring and earning is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is refer the app to someone, and you can earn from what your friend deposits. This is your secondary income from the game. So, if you have a big circle of friends, this is the time to refer it to all and earn more.

Skill Patti Empire is a platform that helps you have fun by playing, and earning at the same time, so you get the satisfactory feeling of earning while playing, which increases the fun and relaxation multiple times. So, what are you waiting for? Get to earning, winning, and having fun! See you on the other side.


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