Decoding Teen Patti: Key Terms To Enhance Your Gameplay


We tend to overlook the basics of things, but trust us, knowing the basics is the key to acing anything!

Just like that, the same happens even in games. Our skill-based Teen Patti app, Skill Patti Empire, is an online platform for Indian Poker where you can not just play, but also earn money simultaneously. You get to play different modes and earn money from them every day. Play well, practice, become a pro, be the winner, and bag the prize.

Now that you are getting a chance to play and earn, wouldn’t you want to do a great job at it? You would, right? So, knowing the basics of the game will help you further enhance your gameplay. You can scroll through this blog to learn all about the key terms, which can help you sharpen your skills and give you a jumpstart in your journey of becoming a pro.

Key Terms

The question of how to play Teen Patti game will become quite simple for you once you scroll through these key terms and understand them, as these will help you understand the game better,


The boot is the minimum required wager or entrance amount that must be placed at the table in order for the cards to be dealt for that round.


The pot is the total of each player's boot plus any additional bets they place during that round. The whole pot goes to the player with the best card sequence, hence the winner.

Pot Limit

The maximum amount till which they can bet at a table is also known as the pot limit, which will be the buy-in amount of that table.

Blind Player

A player who chooses to play the game without seeing their cards is known as a blind player. Blind bets are the wagers made by a blind player.

Seen Player

A seen player is one who chooses to view their cards and place wagers accordingly.


Chaal is the action of placing a wager in the pot equal to the current minimum stake in order to play forward. The bet amount for your Chaal would be double the current stake amount if you are playing as a seen player; otherwise, it would be the same as the current bet at the table if you are a blind player.


Raising your stake changes the minimum table bet to how much was raised, indicating that you wish to play further. The new minimum bet amount on the table is the amount that was bet when it was raised. If you are a blind player, you can increase your wager to no more than twice the amount that is currently being bet; if you are a seen player, you can increase your stake to no more than four times the table's current minimum bet.



Sideshow is when you want to compare your cards with the previous player's cards. You can request a sideshow only if both you and the player who bet before you are seen players. For the sideshow to happen, there are at least two players needed in the game. The player previous to you will get a request if you want to request a sideshow. A sideshow request might be accepted or rejected by the players as per their choice.


Pack is when you close your cards after deciding you don't want to play that round but stay at the table to watch the game or attempt your hand again later. You have the freedom to pack your cards at any time. When a player feels they don't have a strong hand and their probability of winning seem low, they typically pack their cards.


All-In happens when you do not have the current minimum bet of the table left with you in the game, so either you can pack your cards and exit the round or go All-In which means using all the money at once. Now you cannot play the game anymore but you still are present at the table as such have a chance of winning the round.


Now, if you win the round after going all-in, you will only win the pot amount that was made with your last bet. When a player goes all-in, it turns the pot into a side pot, and the other players' bets go into the main pot.


A show, usually referred to as a showdown, can occur in one of two ways. Either, a showdown is decided upon by one of the two remaining active players at the table, meaning the ones who can and are placing bets, or an automatic showdown occurs when the pot amount hits its pot limit.


Now that you know all the basics and meanings of these key terms, it is up to you to play them right. Remember all these terms so you can have your strategies hands-on when you play. The knowledge of these key terms can literally be a game-changer for you when you play Teen Patti.

The only thing left to do is to play the game. So grab your phones, download and install the app directly from our Skill Patti website. Get playing and we will see you on the other side!


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