Simple Steps to Play Skill Patti Empire

Learn about how to play the Skill Patti Empire game in easy steps:

  • Open the Skill Patti app, and there you will find 2 game modes to play.
  • The Game Modes:
    • Multiplayer Table
    • Tournaments
  • Choose a game mode and click on your preferred amount table.
  • Choose your buy-in amount for the table.
  • Wait till the game finds you an empty spot at a table. If there are no empty spots, the game will make you a new one.
  • On the table, the boot is collected, and 3 cards are dealt to each player.
  • On your chance, you can:
    • Pay the same bet as the current stake amount at the table by clicking on "Chaal".
    • Raise the table bet up to 2X of the previous bet i.e. the current stake amount at the table by clicking on "Raise".
    • If the player before you is a seen player, you can request a sideshow.
    • The player who has the best card sequence on the table will win the game!

You are now ready to play. All the best to you!

Learn more about the rules of the Skill Patti online real-money game.

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