Skill Patti Card Sequences:
Know 3 Sequences to Win

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You can never be bored of winning, and that is a fact! Isn’t it?

Skill Patti Empire is a card sequence game that is not just related to luck; it is a game of skill and strategy! This game has a lot of elements that don’t make it any other ordinary game.

Skill Patti Empire is a must-have game for Android users. With its smooth interface and loads of fun moments, the game provides you with a chance to win real money here. The process of getting on the app, playing, and winning money is quite easy and definitely worth your time.

You can play the game of cards at Skill Patti Empire with super ease online with random multiple Skill Patti players, whenever and from wherever you want.

Skill Patti Empire can be played with up to six people and you can start with a very small amount of money. In the Skill Patti game, you get 3 cards to make a hand and place your bets in the pot. The player who has the highest ranking hand sequence wins the game and gets the pot amount to themselves.

Now, to win money, you need to know the top 3 sequences of cards, which are the ultimate, inevitable moves. So, scroll through the article to be a Skill Patti champ and learn the top 3 sequences of cards to win the ultimate game!

Card Sequence Rules

In the Skill Patti Empire, a sequence consists of three cards arranged in a specific order, excluding joker cards. The outcome of the game is determined by the strength of the 3 Patti sequence formed by players.

For example, the most powerful sequence is comprised of three Aces (A-A-A), followed by three Kings, three Queens, and so forth. The ranking is established based on the card values, with the card hierarchy being A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. The Ace remains the highest card in all the sequences.

The sequence of cards in Skill Patti Empire plays a huge role, as the main goal in the game is to create the highest-ranking three-card hands.

Top Card Sequences

There are a total of six card sequences that can help you win the game, but the top three are mentioned below in the blog. Even though there are quite a few occurrences chances of sequences, one can always play smart to win.

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In Skill Patti Empire, this is the ultimate poker card win sequence the Trail, also referred to as the Trio or Three of a Kind, stands as the most superior sequence in the game. This sequence is characterized by three cards of identical rank. For instance, having three Aces (A-A-A) or three Kings (K-K-K) forms a Trail.

The significance of the Trail lies in its ability to surpass all other hand rankings on the sequence list. This means that if a player holds a Trail sequence, they automatically outshine any other player with different hand combinations. Whether it's a Straight Flush, a Pair, or any other sequence, a Trail is the trump card sequence that secures victory in Skill Patti Empire, establishing it as the ultimate and unbeatable hand.

The Occurrence Probability of this sequence is 0.24%.

Pure Sequence

In Skill Patti Empire, a key winning element is the Pure Sequence, also recognized as the Straight Flush sequence. This sequence is composed of three consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, a Pure Sequence could consist of the King (K), Queen (Q), and Jack (J) of hearts.

In the context of the game, the Straight Flush sequence is considered the second-highest sequence. The highest-ranking Pure Sequence is formed by the cards A-K-Q, while the lowest-ranking Pure Sequence is represented by the cards 4-3-2. This implies that having a Pure Sequence, particularly one with higher-ranking cards, significantly enhances a player's chances of winning in Skill Patti Empire.

The Occurrence Probability of this sequence is 0.22%.

Straight Sequence

In Skill Patti Empire, a straight sequence is a winning hand made up of three consecutive cards, and they do not have to be of the same suit. In other words, a sequence is formed when three cards are arranged in consecutive order. For instance, if you have the Ace of Diamonds, followed by the King of Clubs, and then the Queen of Hearts, you have a straight sequence.

This type of sequence, often referred to as a "straight," must follow a numerical order to be valid. In the provided example, the cards are in consecutive order with the Ace, King, and Queen, making it a winning straight sequence, but have the leverage of being of any suit.

Having a straight sequence in Skill Patti Empire enhances your chances of winning the game, and the stronger the sequence, the better your position in the game hierarchy.

The Occurrence Probability of this sequence is 3.26%.

Other Sequences

    1. Color/Flush (5-7-10):
    - This sequence is also known as a "Flush" or "Color."
    - It consists of three cards of the same suit, and in this specific example, the cards can be any number but all belong to the same suit.
    - The percentage value (4.96%) represents the probability of getting this particular sequence in the game.
    - Having a Color/Flush is considered a relatively strong hand in the game, especially with higher-ranking cards like 5, 7, and 10.

    2. Pair (A-A):
    - A Pair sequence is formed when two cards of the same rank are present in the hand.
    - In this example, the sequence consists of two Aces (A-A).
    - The third card can be any random card out of the deck.
    - Pairs are a common and moderately strong hand in the game.
    - The percentage value (16.94%) indicates the likelihood of getting a Pair in the game.

    3. High Card (A):
    - High Card is the simplest sequence, where none of the cards form a pair or follow a specific order. It is a random set of cards that doesn’t follow any sequence, and hence the highest card among the hands is taken into consideration.
    - In this example, the hand has a single Ace (A), and any two other random cards, like 5, 5, 7, 10, J or anything else.
    - High Card is the weakest hand in the hierarchy, and its strength depends solely on the highest-ranking card in the hand.
    - The percentage value (74.39%) reflects the high probability of ending up with a High Card in the game.


Sequencing cards might not be in your hands, but winning definitely is. Make sure you play smart to win the game. You can always read up on the tips from our blogs to get better, but the key remains practice!

Skill Patti Empire is the top trending card game in India, which isn’t just fun but helps you win real money too. You can play with very small amounts of money, and can play it right from your phone, isn’t it cool?

Keep practicing to be the ultimate pro in the game!


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