Skill Patti Rules: A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Real Money Teen Patti Rules

skillpatti rules

The 3-card Teen Patti game is one of India's most popular card games, with its simple rules and interesting gameplay; and its popularity has only increased with the emergence of online gaming. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and can be played among 2 to 6 players at a time, making it the perfect game for a gathering. The game is also commonly known as "Indian Poker", "Indian Flush", and "Flash".

Skill Patti Empire is India's current leading online Teen Patti real cash game, where multiple players play against each other in a skill-based 3 Patti game and win real money prizes.

Skill Patti Game of Skill

The Skill Patti Empire online play and earn money game is a skill-based game where you have to use your card skills, logical thinking and gameplay strategies to win the game. In this online real-money 3 Patti game, there are multiple Skill Patti game modes, Multiplayer and Tournaments, with various buy-in amount tables available for players to choose and try their hand at.

While the Skill Patti gameplay is similar to Indian Poker, you should still go through the skill-based Teen Patti rules before you start playing.

Rules of Real Money Teen Patti Game

The real cash game Teen Patti rules are simple to understand and easy to follow for all. With these rules to play real cash Teen Patti game and a little practice, anyone can become a master real money 3 Patti player.

To form a table in Skill Patti, there need to be 2 to 6 players available. Once a table is formed, the players have to pay an initial stake amount, called the boot, without which the game cannot start. Once the boot amount is collected into the pot, each player is dealt with 3 cards, with 1 card open and 2 facedown.

Dealer Rules

In the Skill Patti Empire game, the dealer is chosen automatically and is represented by the letter 'D'. The round goes in an anti-clockwise direction and starts from the player on the right-hand side of the player.

Blind/Seen Player Rules

There are two methods of playing available for players. They can either play the game as a 'Seen Player' or as a 'Blind Player'.

A Seen Player is a player who decides to play the game by opening and seeing their cards. Whereas a Blind Player is a player who chooses to not see their cards when they play; however, players can choose to view their cards anytime in the game.

Rules of Skill-Based Teen Patti Bets

For a player to keep playing and move forward in the game, they have to make their bets. At the start of the round, the minimum bet amount is equal to the boot.

Each player has the option to either place the same amount in the place, also known as 'Chaal', or raise the current bet or pack their cards and sit out the round. If a player raises the bet, then that raised bet becomes the new minimum bet amount that each player has to pay in the pot.

A Blind player's bet has to be at least equal to the current bet amount of the table and when raised can be at max double the current bet amount.

For a Seen player, the minimum bet to be placed is double the current stake amount and at max can be raised to 4 times the current bet amount.

If a player chooses to pack their cards, then they lose all the bets they have placed in the pot.

The bet amount of the round keeps increasing as the game progresses and will keep going until a showdown happens or the pot limit is reached.

skillpatti online cash game

Online Cash 3 Patti Card Sequences

The main objective of the Skill Patti win cash daily game is to make the highest-ranking card sequence, also known as a 'hand'; the player with the highest-ranking hand on the table wins the pot. The Skill Patti Empire game has 6 skill-based Teen Patti card sequences, with the highest-ranking hand being the 'Trail' and the lowest-ranking hand being the 'High Card.

The Skill Patti card sequences are ranked below, from the highest to the lowest:


A card sequence where all three cards of a player are of the same value is called a Trail hand, also sometimes known as the 'Trio'; for example, 2-2-2 or 9-9-9, etc.

A hand of 3 Aces, A-A-A, is the highest-ranking hand that can be made in the Skill Patti game.

Pure Sequence

This hand occurs when a player has 3 consecutive cards of the same suit; for example, A-K-Q, all from the suit of heart or 5-6-7, all from the spade suit, etc.

This card sequence is also known as 'Straight Flush'.


To make this card sequence, players need to have 3 consecutive cards, but all cards must be from different suits. This hand is also known as a 'Run' or a 'Straight' sequence.

For example, K of hearts, Q of clubs and J of diamonds or 3 of spades, 4 of diamonds and 5 of hearts, etc.


When a player has 3 non-consecutive cards of the same suit, it is called a Colour sequence, also sometimes known as a 'Flush' hand.

For example, 6-8-J, all from the suit of heart or 2–5-K, all from the suit of diamond, etc.


A hand where players have 2 cards of the same value, with the 3rd card, also known as the Kicker card, being of any random value or number is called a Pair sequence.

For example, 4-4-A, with A being of the same or different suit or K-K-5, where 5 is of any random suit, etc.

High Card

This hand occurs when a player's cards do not make any of the other sequences and consist of just random cards of any value or suit. In this card sequence, the highest card is compared with the other hands to determine the winning hand.

For example, 3 of hearts, 8 of spades and J of diamonds or 6 of spades, 9 of hearts and A of clubs, etc.

Indian Poker Sideshow Rules

In the 3-card Teen Patti game, a sideshow is when a player wants to compare their cards with their previous player on the Skill Patti table.

A sideshow can only be requested if the current player and their previous player, both are playing as seen players. The player requesting the sideshow has to bet the current stake amount of the table into the pot before making the request. The asked player can either accept or reject the request, as per their preference.

If the request is rejected, the continuous as usual with no consequences. However, if the request is accepted, the cards of both players are compared, and the higher-hand ranking player wins the sideshow, forcing the lower-hand ranking player to pack their cards. If the sideshow leads to a tie, then the sideshow requesting player loses and has to pack their cards and sit out the current round.

Real Money 3 Patti Rules of Showdown

A showdown is the ultimate step in the online Teen Patti cash game. It can only happen when either only 2 players are left on the table, and both are seen, and they choose to have a show or the bets collected reach the pot limit, leading to an automatic showdown.

During a showdown, the cards of the players are compared, and the player with the highest-ranking card sequence wins the round and gets the pot amount.


Following these rules of the play and earn money game, Skill Patti Empire, any player can increase their chances of winning the skill-based 3 Patti table. Once you have understood the rules of the game and have done some practice, you can easily master the game and become a top player of the Teen Patti game of skill player. Download the Skill Patti Empire APK and enjoy playing with multiple Indian Poker players at various Skill Patti tables and win online cash in thousands daily.