7 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Teen Patti Game


Teen Patti is quite a skillful game, where a lot of tricks and smartness are required to win. When a player tries to apply these tricks, there could be moments when they end up committing a mistake in the game, which can result in them losing the game.

Though, not all the mistakes can be thought through and solved, this blog talks about the 7 common mistakes that can be avoided in the Teen Patti card game. Skill Patti Empire is a skill-based Teen Patti game, part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform, so to play Skill Patti, you can download the app “Ludo Empire” from the Google Play Store and play the game.

Skill Patti Empire comes with rewards when you play and win. So, if you like to play cards, win cash prizes, and do not want to commit the most common mistakes while playing, just scroll through the blog to learn all about the skill-based Teen Patti's mistakes.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the top 7 common mistakes a player makes in an online Teen Patti game, that you need to avoid to increase your chances of winning the game, and the prizes.

Maintaining the Hand

To maintain the hand, you need to understand that there are no bad cards, you can win the game even if you believe that your cards aren’t the greatest. The only key is to maintain that confidence and play your way through with your Teen Patti strategies .

It is important to maintain a balance, you need to understand that you have to strategize the game well in order to win, and not entirely rely on the probability and luck of getting good cards.

Not Listening to Intuition

A lot of the time, players end up not caring about their intuition when playing the game. The underestimation of intuition is what leads to losing the game at times.

It is important for you to understand that your mind plans, and strategizes your gameplay techniques, and you play the game according to it, but at the same time, your gut helps you feel which move might be the right one.

It helps you understand the chances of winning. It helps you understand the game overall. A lot of pro players develop this intuition after playing Teen Patti a lot, which then helps them win more.

Getting Overconfident or Losing Hope

Both approaches could turn your game around because being humble and smart throughout the entire game is extremely important. In case, you become overconfident, you might lose the game you could have almost won, and losing hope could cancel out your chances of winning the game.


Mismanagement of Bankroll

It is important to manage the bankroll correctly; if not, you might end up losing a lot of games. The mismanagement of your bankroll directly affects the strategies that you play with, which in turn affects your game.

It is important to keep track of your bankroll and play wisely. Make sure you keep it in mind, strategize, and bluff according to it, and then only you can up your chances of winning the game.

Bluffing in the Wrong Way

Bluffing is easily visible, even in online games. The way you increase your bets is observed by your opponents, so you need to bet right and bluff right. If the bluffing strategy is wrong or becomes too predictable, it becomes quite easy to lose the game.

To avoid this situation, plan ahead of time, when to bluff and when to take it low-key. This is one of the top ways to win the game.

Emotional Playing

A lot of people end up playing emotionally in the game, which ends up hurting the game itself. Emotional playing basically means, playing out of anger, aggression, over-confidence, etc., which affects the decision-making capacity a lot.

The only way to deal with this is to keep calm and play strategically and practically. Stay calm, even if you think you have a bad hand or are not going to win because you never know when the tables might turn.

Ignoring Opponent’s Behaviour

A lot of players keep focusing on their game and do not observe their opponent’s behaviour, which makes them lose chances where they can strategize better.

If you know the other player’s game well, you can play better and increase your own chances of winning. To improve this, keep your observation skills high and notice the pattern of their bets to understand their cards.


Now that you know, that there are many common mistakes that can be easily avoided if not given enough care, leading to you losing the game, that otherwise would’ve been in your court. To become better at the game, make sure your observational skills are at their peak, and that you observe everything to avoid mistakes and play smart.

Have a plan in your head ready so that you know your next move smartly and can win the game and the prizes for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get to playing the game, practice a lot, become a pro, and win prizes, only at Skill Patti Empire.


NOTE: Skill Patti Empire is a part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.

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