Biggest Card Sequences in
Skill Patti Empire Game

skillpatti sets and sequences

For the people who think that card sequences are very limited, this article is for you.

The card sequence order isn’t that restricted and simple, though there are actually several ways you might have a good sequence, and can recognize that, and if you’re planning to play the Indian Poker card sequence game you definitely need to know this.

Apart from the offline version which requires a bit of hassle to make a group of people go to a place and do the dealing, you have the option of playing online now. You can play the Indian Poker at Skill Patti Empire.

Skill Patti Empire is an Indian Poker game, played in real-time while lounging on your home couch, or relaxing on your bed. This rapidly expanding real-money skill-based Indian poker game offers real money rewards.

With a variety of tables available, Skill Patti Empire is one of the top gaming sites in India for 3-card Indian poker games, and you can even practice here by making card sequences in Skill Patti before you go full in.

Once the game is launched, you can deposit money using safe and prompt ways like UPI, net banking, etc. You will then be able to make real money and take it out fast as the game progresses.

You can choose from a variety of table limits that the site offers you as per the budget you are planning to put in, and if you're feeling nervous or uncertain, you can even start off with very little money.

Scroll through the article to know the playing card sequences as per the sequence card game rules so well, that you become a pro in no time.

Basics First - Indian Poker Game

To know a basic idea, you need to know, that your sequence will consist of three cards, much like a three-card Indian Poker game.

The highest sequence possible is 3A’s, followed by 3K’s, 3Q’s, 3J’s, and then followed by it in a decreasing order. So, the lowest card value is 2.

The tricky part is A (Ace), even though it is the highest card in power it can act as one of the lowest cards as well, and what position would the Ace (A) play depend entirely upon the further rules of Skill Patti Empire.

Types of Card Sequences

Here are the types of Card Sequences that one can make in Skill Patti Empire to play the three-card game:

1. Trail

This sequence occurs when there are three cards all of the same value, making the probability of occurrence of the highest and lowest card sequence in the game possible. For example, A-A-A, K-K-K, Q-Q-Q, 2-2-2, etc.

2. Pure Sequence

This sequence occurs when there are three consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, A-K-Q, 2-3-4, etc. of any suit. Here the highest card sequence would be A-K-Q, and the lowest would be 2-3-4.

3. Sequence

Here this normal sequence is similar to pure sequence and the only difference is that here the sequence of cards can be from any suit. For example, A of hearts, K of diamonds, and Q of clubs. However, the power of the sequence remains the same as pure sequence which is A-K-Q as the highest sequence and 2-3-4 as the lowest sequence.

4. Color

Otherwise known as Flush, this sequence occurs when a player has a set of cards that belong to the same suit that are not in a sequence. It can be anything ranging from A to K of the same suit, and in case 2 players have the cards with the same value, then the game is tied, and are both declared the winner.

5. Pair

This sequence occurs when you get 2 cards of the same rank, and the third is a random one. For example, the highest sequence here is A-A-K of either the same or different suits and the lowest pair is 2-2-3.

6. High Card

This occurrence happens when the cards the player has have nothing in common with any of the other sequences then the highest card from the set is compared. A is the highest-ranking card.

Quick Glance

Here is a quick glance at the highest and lowest sequences possible in different sequence types and their probability:

skillpatti card sequence

How to Play it on Skill Patti Empire?

You first need to sign up on Skill Patti Empire and then you can play the game there, and even though the game is similar to Indian Poker, here is how it is different. Understand it so you play well directly from your first game.

The game uses a 52-card deck (none of which are "Joker"). It has several tables with skill patti multiplayer for two to six players. Similar to the standard Indian poker game, the object of Skill Patti Empire is for players to create the highest-scoring hand or card sequence with their three personal cards that are dealt at that table, or with the assistance of one extra card that is placed in the middle of the table for the collective benefit of all players, in order to win the pot for that round.

Quick Tips - Indian Card Game

People end up forgetting at times that the Skill Patti 3-card game is not about luck, but about skill, as the name suggests, so here are a few tips you could follow to play smart:

  • Start small, and raise your bets accordingly.
  • Practice the game so you understand the moves of the other people.
  • Understand everyone's move, and place your bets to confuse the other person.