How to Play Skill Patti Empire:
10 Simple Steps

how to play skillpatti empire

Playing cards is the perfect example of how a game can look so simple but can undoubtedly be one of the most interesting games to play.

Skill Patti Empire is the new generation Indian Poker game, which you can play online. This fastest-growing real-money skill-based Indian Poker game is played in real-time and gives real money returns while you relax on your house’s couch.

Skill Patti Empire India

Skill Patti Empire is one of the leading card gaming platforms in India in the world of 3-card Indian poker games and has multiple tables for you to choose from. It is a multiplayer game, that can be played between from 2 to 6 players, giving the flexibility to you to choose what you want.

The platform provides you with different limits of the table so you can select accordingly, and if you feel scared or confused you have the option to start playing from very low stakes as well.

You can deposit your money with safe and instant methods like UPI, Net Banking, etc., and start the game. Now if you play the game well you get to earn real money and withdraw it quickly as well, or you need to keep practicing with small amounts to play good.

Skill Patti Empire is the new era of the game of cards, similar to Indian poker, and this blog is here to guide you through how to play Skill Patti Empire in 10 simple steps.

10 Steps to Play Skill Patti Empire

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Step 1: Choosing the Table

Since Skill Patti Empire is an online automated game, you just choose the table of your preference as per the limit you want and start the game. Here in tables, you can pick the table of number of players you want to play with as well as the money you want to go ahead with.

Step 2: Placing the boot

Once the boot is set, which is the minimum stake amount that must be put in the pot at the start of the round. The pot is kept at the center of the table, and it grows with every bet of the players until the round ends.

Step 3: Pot Rounding

In Skill Patti Empire all the games have a pot limit, and you will be offered different tables with different pot limits and can choose whichever one you want to play as per your preference. The pot limit can be seen when you are choosing a table and is also visible on the table, next to the pot.

Step 4: Dealing Cards

All the players are dealt 3 cards each, with 2 cards facedown and 1 card open. The cards are only dealt once all the players have put the boot amount in the pot.

Step 5: Starting the Game

The game starts from the dealer’s right-hand side and goes anti-clockwise. The game can be played in two ways, that is seen or blind.

The seen player is a player who chooses to see the cards and place the bet and the blind player is a player who chooses to not see them, and due to the rules of the game, the seen player has to put higher bets compared to the blind player.

Step 6: Skill Patti Empire Blind

Playing blind in Skill Patti Empire can happen in two methods:

  • The bet must be at least the current stake if the preceding player is playing Blind.
  • The bet can be at max double the current stake if the preceding player is playing Blind.
  • The bet must be at least half the current stake if the preceding player is playing Seen.
  • The bet can be at max the current stake if the preceding player is playing Seen.

Step 7: Skill Patti Seen

Playing seen in Skill Patti Empire can happen in two methods:

  • The bet must be at least double the current stake if the preceding player is playing Blind.
  • The bet can be at max four times the current stake if the preceding player is playing Blind.
  • The bet must be at least the current stake if the preceding player is playing Seen.
  • The bet can be at max double the stake if the preceding player is playing Seen.

Step 8: Packing, Calling, Raisin

The game moves ahead as the members ask them to Pack, Call known as Chaal in Skill Patti Empire, or Raise the initial boot alongside opting to play either seen or blind. The bet amount depends upon the preceding player’s stake on the current basis and if they are playing blind or seen.

Step 9: Requesting Sideshow

If two consecutive players are playing the game as seen players, then the current player can ask for a sideshow with the previous player. The asked player has all the rights to either accept or deny the sideshow request.

If the request is denied, the round continues just as usual. But, if the request is accepted then the two players compare their cards, and the person who has a lower ranking hand sequence is forced to fold but if the ranking is equal, the one who asked for the sideshow will have to pack.

Step 10: Showdown

This step only happens when there are only 2 players left on the table, both of whom are seen players and they choose for a showdown or the pot reaches its limit, leading to an automatic showdown. In a showdown, the cards of both players are compared and whoever has the highest-ranking card sequence wins and gets the entire pot!

Brownie Pointers

To win the Skill Patti Empire real-money game, you would obviously need to understand the rules of Skill Patti but with a few brownie pointers you can increase your chances of winning even more, and some of those Skill Patti tips are:

- Know the sequences and their values

This is an extremely important tip, if you know the card sequences very well, you’ll be able to play good from the start, and this can help you strategize accordingly.

- Practicing on low stake tables

If you’re a beginner, it is always better to play on a low-stake table in the beginning, this way you will feel financially secure, and will be able to play confidently which will help you become better at the game.

- Start with small bets

It is advised that you start with smaller bets because this way you will have enough time to observe the game and your opponents and then raise or call accordingly.

- Plan and implement your strategies accordingly

Planning your strategy from the start and implementing it accordingly can be very helpful in turning the tables for you, so think about how to implement them as well.

- Bluffing is the key

Bluffing is the one true element in all card games, especially Indian Poker, so if you master this skill, you can become unstoppable. So try to learn how to bluff, and use it wisely in Skill Patti Empire and win over your opponents.


Playing offline comes with its requirements like the number of people, cards, a space to play at, and even more, but the online Skill Patti Empire is your way to go anytime anywhere.

In Skill Patti Empire, you can put in even a small amount of money as low as ₹1 to begin with, and if you play it right, grow your money. This game of Indian Poker gives you the opportunity to earn money while you have fun.

Just play at your fingertips while you do whatever, from travel to relaxing, whenever you want. Download it today on your PC as the Indian Poker Game APK from the official website of Skill Patti Empire, or on your Android phones from the Play Store, however you like.

Join the Skill Patti Empire game now to play Skill Patti online anytime, anywhere using your card gaming skills, and rule the world of the card games!