7 Effective Steps To Learn How To Play Teen Patti


Playing Teen Patti is a delightful experience in itself, from starting to play, the suspense in between, and then ultimately winning the game and feeling the victory.

Now, to reach the stage where you will get to win the game and feel the victory, you need to learn how to play Teen Patti effectively. Skill Patti Empire is a game under the Ludo Empire platform where you get to play skill-based Teen Patti games while getting a chance to earn cash rewards. You can play the game in real time while relaxing on your bed or the couch at home.

When the game starts, you can explore your game wallet in Skill Patti Empire using quick and secure methods like UPI, net banking, etc. You will then be able to easily make and withdraw real money as the game progresses.

Just know that to increase the fun of playing the game, you need to know how to play it effectively and make the most out of it, so scroll through to learn more.

What is Teen Patti?

The famous card game Teen Patti, often called Indian Poker Game, has its origins in the Indian subcontinent. Usually, three to six people play it with a conventional 52-card deck. The goal is to win the pot, which is built up via rounding bets, by making the best three-card hand.

The hand rankings that go from highest to lowest are Trail (three of a kind), Pure Sequence (straight flush), Sequence (straight), Colour (flush), Pair, and High Card. The game combines aspects of different skills like strategic bluffing and close opponent monitoring.

If played well, the game of Teen Patti is all about using your skills correctly, and if you learn to do that, there will be no stopping you from becoming a pro and winning the game, even with the so-called bad cards.


7 Effective Steps to Learn How to Play Teen Patti

Here are the 7 effective steps that can help you answer the beginner question about how to play the Teen Patti game. Just follow the steps and learn how to play the game:

Know the Basics

Knowing the basics is the very first step. So, understand the objective, cards, and players in the game. The objective of the game is to make the best three-card hand and play to survive till showdown and win the pot. Further, there is a deck of 52 cards that is used to play, and usually 3 to 6 players participate in the game.

Know the Hand Rankings

Understanding the Teen Patti hand rankings to know how good your hand is can help you strategize accordingly. Here are the hand rankings:

  • Trail/Trio/Set: Three cards of the same number. (e.g., 3 Aces).
  • Pure Sequence: Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Sequence: Three consecutive cards of different suits.
  • Colour/Flush: Three cards of the same suit.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank.
  • High Card: The highest card when no other hand is made.

Understand the Game Wallet System

To understand the game wallet system, firstly, every player has an initial bet that they have to put in the pot, to start the game. With each turn, they get to either bet further and increase the pot, or pack the cards to avoid losing.

Here there are two types of players: blind and seen, where blind players bet without knowing their cards, and seen players bet knowing their cards, but have to bet twice the amount compared to the blind players.

Understand the Teen Patti Rules

Now, learn the rules very well, as well as go through the key terms of Teen Patti, like how to play blind, how to play seen, what is a sideshow, what is a showdown, if there is a pot limit and more. Once you know the rules well, you tend to become better at the game faster.

Practice to Become a Pro

Practice is the key and it cannot be stressed more. Practice with small amounts to get to know the game better, so you can increase your chances of winning the game.

Strategize Well

If you know how to strategize well, the game could take a turn in your direction every time. Just know when to bluff, bet accordingly, and observe the pattern, so you can understand the game better and win.

Observe and Improve

The last step that is continuous is to always keep observing and improving. Read articles, learn from your previous games, discuss, watch videos, and more. Improving is the key to success!


To conclude, we have gathered the greatest steps to help you learn Teen Patti in the most effective manner. The only thing that is left is for you to implement them and practice. No matter what, just remember that observing, improving, and practicing are the key to becoming a pro and winning more cash rewards.

If you’re keen on learning the game, just make sure you do not give up too soon, it takes time to get better, so give yourself some time to prove that you’re worthy of playing Skill Patti Empire. Just, download the game right now, sign up, and start this journey of skill-based Teen Patti, and prove yourself in the world of card games.


NOTE: Skill Patti Empire is a part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.

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