Teen Patti vs Poker: Understanding the Key Differences and Similarities


Getting confused between Teen Patti and Poker is quite normal, but let us tell you that, Teen Patti and Poker aren’t the same games. Both games might have some sort of similarity, but they are definitely quite different.

Skill Patti Empire* is an online Teen Patti-based platform, where you get a chance to play and earn money at the same time. At Skill Patti Empire, you get to enjoy the actual Teen Patti experience right at your fingertips from any comfort zone of yours. The confusion between Poker and Teen Patti occurs because the Teen Patti game is also referred to as Indian Poker; leading to many people confusing it with the original Poker.

This confusion of thinking that both games are the same is okay to have, as it is made by the majority of the population. This is why we have written this blog to help you all understand the differences as well as the similarities between these games.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a very famous Indian card game that is known for social interaction and the twists the game has. Here, the main goal is to have a hand of three cards, which ranks the highest amongst all the players. Throughout the game, players keep increasing the pot, trying to bluff, and playing with their sharp minds and skill sets to win the entire pot by the end.

This game is usually fast-paced, so all the tricks have to be played quickly but with calmness at the same time. Since it is quick and short, people can play the game when they have a very limited time as well. Skill Patti Empire*, the online skill-based Teen Patti platform, is especially appreciated for the life-like structure of the game and experience, as the games are quite fast there as well.

In Teen Patti there are different hand rankings that determine your winning chances, where a trial or set (three of the same rank) is the highest rating hand in Teen Patti. Pure Sequence (straight flush), sequence (straight), color (flush), pair, and high card are the next highest-ranking hands.

In India, Teen Patti is a culture in itself that is frequently featured at family get-togethers and festivals, where the social aspects of the game are just as valued as the sport itself. Teen Patti is a fantastic option for both casual play and festive events if you enjoy the vibrant social interaction and culture of card games. It offers the ideal balance of rapid play and cultural tradition.

What is Poker?

Poker is another card game where just like Teen Patti the aim is to have a better hand than your opponents.

If you’re wondering how to play Poker, let us first tell you that the game starts with each player having two confidential "hole cards," which establishes the strategic play. After this, the five shared cards are also arranged on the table for everyone to see. To win the game, it is your aim to build the best hand possible or skilfully bluff your way to show you have better hand strength.

Poker is a mixture of fancy, class, mind games, mathematical talent, and a lot of strategy. You need to have a good hold of your cards and your bankroll at the same time, so you can make good and wise decisions for yourself.


Similarities Between Teen Patti and Poker

Here are a few similarities between Teen Patti and Poker:

Money-Based Card Games

As simple as it sounds, both the games are money-based and involve a pot wherein everyone puts in their share of money and the winner takes the pot.

Hand Rankings

Both games are based on creating a good hand ranking to win. The details do vary but the ultimate objective is to have the best hand among all the other players.

Social Interaction

Both games give people a chance to socially interact with each other and build better relations with friends, family gatherings, and more.

Skills Required

Both games require a good skill set, which mainly includes quick decision-making, bluffing, strategic thinking, analysing situations, and more.

Differences Between Teen Patti and Poker

Here are a few differences between Teen Patti and Poker:

Number of Players

In Teen Patti, usually, 3 to 6 players play the game, whereas in Poker, 4 to 8 players play the game.

Number of Cards

In Teen Patti as the name suggests, only 3 cards are dealt per player. Whereas in Poker, 2 “hole cards” and 5 community cards are dealt.


The objective in Teen Patti is to create a hand that has the highest ranking combination with those three cards amongst all the other players. Whereas in Poker, the objective is to form the best five-card hand among all the other players.

Origin of the Game

The origin of Teen Patti is from India, whereas the origin of Poker is from the US. Though India has its own style of Indian Poker, called Teen Patti itself.

Cultural Popularity

Teen Patti is more popular in India and South Asia, whereas Poker has more influence in the US and Europe.


Now that you know that Teen Patti and Poker are quite different in reality, it is up to you to decide what game you want to play when Skill Patti Empire, with its skill-based Teen Patti online game.

Skill Patti Empire* is definitely a great platform if you want to explore Indian Poker online, and to experience it, you can download the game from the website. Make sure to remember that Skill Patti Empire is a skill-based game, so you play with tricks and planning in your head, if you want to be a pro and win prizes.


*NOTE: Skill Patti Empire is a part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.

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