Indian Poker Game Download: A Quick and Easy Guide


The Indian Poker game, one of the most popular card games in India, can easily be played for real money prizes at Skill Patti Empire, an online card game. The game has multiplayer tables where you can play at different stakes against the top 3 Patti online players in India.

This game provides you with a platform where you can spend your leisure time relaxing and playing your favorite card game, along with winning money. Further, it's a skill-based real-money game where you get to use your card-playing skills to play larger and win bigger. The more you play, the more you earn.

To know how to download the game so you can start playing it, just scroll through this step-by-step guide to downloading the Teen Patti game APK on your Android phone and also get to know why it is better to download and play the game.

How to Download the Online Indian Poker Game aka Skill Patti Empire?

To know the Teen Patti Indian Poker game download process, find the information below, which is mainly in two parts, namely, Android and APK. You can opt for whichever one you like and prefer.

Important Note: Skill Patti Empire is a part of the Ludo Empire app, so to play the game, you need to download the Ludo Empire app.

Android Version

To download Skill Patti Empire on your Android phone, here are a few steps that you should follow:

  1. Search “Ludo Empire” on Google Play Store to find the game.
  2. Download the Ludo Empire game app.
  3. Now, you will need to register your 10-digit mobile number on the app.
  4. Start playing, become a pro, and win money!

You can also download the Ludo Empire gaming platform for your Android phone directly from the website. This method is mentioned in the next part of the blog.

APK Version

The 3 Patti download APK process is quite simple and quick. Follow the steps below to download the APK version of Skill Patti Empire:

  1. You first need to open up the browser on your phone.
  2. Go to the Skill Patti Empire website directly.
  3. You can see the “Download Now” button there, which will help you download the Skill Patti Empire App on your phone, so just click on it.
  4. Once you see that the APK file has been downloaded, we move on to the next step.
  5. Now, use the Ludo Empire APK to install the app on your phone.
  6. Once it is installed, open the Ludo Empire multi-gaming app.
  7. Start signing up on the app to play Skill Patti Empire now.
  8. Then you can just log in to the app with your 10-digit phone number
  9. Fill out the OTP to verify and complete your Skill Patti registration.
  10. All that is left is for you to have fun, play the game, earn money, and relax!

Advantages of Downloading the App

Here are some of the advantages of downloading the app:

Frequent Updates and Enhancements

The game is constantly adding new features, variants, and improvements to the user interface. This guarantees a constantly inventive, secure, and high-quality gaming experience, demonstrating the game makers' dedication to user feedback and advancement.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

You may play your favourite card games anytime and wherever you choose with the app's flexibility and accessibility. Whether you play games at home or on the move, this makes incorporating them into your regular routine simple.

Simple Accessibility

The app is easy to use and just requires a few clicks to download. Its easy-to-use UI lets you get right in and play without requiring any complex preparations.

Safe Online Gaming Environment

With strong security mechanisms in place to guard sensitive information and game transactions, Skill Patti Empire places a high priority on player security. You may enjoy the game without worrying about your data, thanks to this security-focused approach.

Download for Free

Because the game is free to play, there are no financial obstacles. Because it offers free access and the chance to win money through games, it appeals to both serious and casual gamers.

Earn While You Play

The chance to earn actual money is one of the most thrilling aspects of this game. This enhances the overall experience of each gaming session by adding a thrill factor and cash possibilities.

Indian Poker Game Hand Rankings

To understand how to play Indian Poker card games, one needs to know the hand rankings first. In Skill Patti Empire, a three-card game, players aim to create specific card sequences. Here are the types of sequences, in terms of highest to lowest value, that can help you win:

  1. Trail: This sequence is of three cards of the same value, like A-A-A, and represents the highest card sequence possible.
  2. Pure Sequence: This sequence is of three consecutive cards but of the same suit, like J-10-9 of any same suit.
  3. Sequence: This sequence is of three consecutive cards but different suits.
  4. Color (Flush): This sequence is basically cards of the same suit but, they are not in a sequence.
  5. Pair: This sequence has a pair, and the third card can be random, like K-K-10, etc.
  6. High Card: This sequence doesn’t have any sequence, and hence, the highest card is being compared here, which will be A, followed by, K, Q, J, and so on, depending upon the cards you have.

Players aim to create these sequences to win the game, with each type having its own ranking and value.


This new-age, entertaining card game, Skill Patti Empire, allows you to win while having fun. We're confident you're on your way to downloading the game now that you know how great it is to play and download. The fact that it only takes a few seconds to open and begin playing is the nicest thing about the downloading procedure. In this manner, you may relieve tension while saving time and perhaps making money during those little office breaks.So, why do you hesitate? Get Teen Patti, a skill-based game, by downloading it now. Play the game, master it, and win tonnes of money!


NOTE: Skill Patti Empire is a part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.

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